I Got a C in 4th Grade This Week

My son’s fourth grade teacher is encouraging the kids in her class to be more independent, to take responsibility for their work, as well as any achievements or failures.

She must be really working hard, because after blaming me for something he got wrong on his homework the other day, my son’s eyes went suddenly wide, and he apologized.

Wow. I am impressed and grateful.

Yet after she has made such amazing, quick progress, I sent this note to school this week:

“Please send my son to Study Hall, where he can work until his piano lesson at 3:45. This is his first time going to Study Hall or making his way to his lesson on his own. If you happen to be covering Study Hall today, will you please remind him that he needs to head over to the Music Room at 3:40? Thank you!”

I deserve to have that note returned to me with a big, red C on it.

The only reason I am granting myself a little credit, is that I did let go just enough to let him find his way from the Library to the Music Room without me. C+?


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