Carhenge: Dad’s Favorite Detour

Next time you are road-tripping across America, and someone in your caravan suggests making a detour on the way home, think twice before saying yes.

You won’t have time to research the new stop, so make sure that all riders do not fall under the spell of the driver with the “great” idea.

Especially if that driver gets really excited about a place called CARHENGE.

CARHENGE is located in Alliance, Nebraska. Alliance is surrounded by farms and what looks like a closed Cabela’s factory, though it still has a decrepit “Hiring” sign out at front. A railroad track cuts through, and even the houses look depressed.

And CARHENGE is just what you’d expect. Someone made a model of the historic, somewhat miraculously still standing Stonehenge out of old automobiles. Then they painted them all beige. Sunflowers grow wildly between them, as they do along the highway they brings you to Alliance.

There is a small shop at the top of the parking lot.

My four year old peed on CARHENGE. My eight and nine year old boys looked at their father in disbelief, “We drove all that way for this?!” And “this is lame!”

He took photos, and we took photos of him smiling, arms open with the excitement that is…not… CARHENGE.

But when we piled back in the car after only a few minutes, we took a vote to see who thought it was the best part of our trip. My husband raised his hand like a little kid. And I laughed so hard, tears poured down my face. I will remember that detour with a smile for a very long time.


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