Politics with My Kids

“Mom, who are you going to vote for?” they asked three or four times last night while watching the Republican National Convention.

“If I could hear what they were saying, I might be able to decide,” I answered back.

I thought silently, “This is why I am not as smart as I used to be! Moms have no chance to listen to the news.”

I promised myself that I would watch as much as possible of both conventions this year. Frankly, I am impressed by both candidates, though I am not sure either can lead us out of our current culture of excessive spending or transform our public schools. Plus, my beliefs criss-cross political parties. Both men are obviously very intelligent, each in their own way. Both clearly work harder and spend more hours at work than most of us. Both have achieved success where they hoped to achieve it. Both seem to care about their own families. Not bad, eh?

So, before I vote, I want to hear what they have to say….again. I want to watch them carefully to see who surrounds himself with more people I respect and trust. I want to assess for myself who will walk the talk, not just talk it. I hope that each candidate does not stand too closely to those in their party with whom I strongly disagree. I am not a “party” girl.

My three boys just want to delay going to bed and seize the opportunity to snuggle. Yet, they have watched speech after speech over the last two nights, and absorbed a little.

And again, “Mom, who are you going to vote for?” The older two said to vote for Romney. The four year old said, “I’m a Democrat!”

Then, after an especially tough attack on our current President, my nine year old asked, “Are they going to have one of these parties for Obama too?”

Poor guy. “Yes, he gets his turn too,” I answered.

Then from the eight year old, “Will it be over before football starts? I’m not missing football for this.”


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