What It Takes to Get to School

It is tough to give up the lazy, fun days of summer.  No homework.  No early mornings.  Lots of time in the sun.  Staying up late to chase fireflies and roast marshmallows.  Freedom.  Independence.  Plenty of blank days on Mom’s calendar.

So, the first time you hear “I don’t want to go to school!” in that I’m-pretending-to-be-sick voice, there’s something you can do.

You will find what you need at your local library or bookstore − amazing children’s books that can inspire a renewed appreciation for school just in time for opening day.  These books demonstrate what it takes for other children from around the world to get to school.  It’s not always as easy as jumping in carpool with a backpack and lunchbox and big hug from Mom.

The stories listed here teach lessons about courage and perseverance as they relate to schoolchildren, as well as what life is like for kids across the globe:

  • Running Shoes by Frederick Lipp (Cambodia)
  • Pemba Sherpa by Olga Cossi (Nepal)
  • Nasreen’s Secret School by Jeanette Winter (Afghanistan)
  • Armando and the Blue Tarp School by Edith Hope Fine and Judith Pinkerton Josephson (Mexico)
  • Rain School by James Rumford (Chad)
  • Listen to the Wind by Greg Mortenson and Susan Roth (Pakistan)
  • It’s Back to School We Go by Ellen Jackson (world-wide)
  • A School Like Mine by DK Publishing (around the world)
  • The Name Jar by Namsook Choi (U.S.)
  • The Story of Ruby Bridges by Robert Coles (U.S.)

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