The Texts my Husband in Atlanta Got from the Storm in Colorado

Context: First, I typically do not text my husband multiple times in one evening. Second, it is a well-known fact that every time my husband leaves town, Denver gets hit with a blizzard or other near-natural disaster. And I am left to dig us out alone.


4:28pm: Well, just found all our gutter troublespots. Massive storm. Collected an entire large cooler full of rain, one and a half of that plastic container I was going to use in the laundry room full of water, and several large bowls. I survived the lightning by pure luck, only have a tiny bit of water in the guestroom window, and broke one more coffee cup. You would have been proud! A hot shower calls!

4:45pm: Still water coming in window, but able to soak it up as it seeps in. I hear the rain starting again. Need to check my coolers, tubs and bowls. No hot shower yet for me!

6:24pm: All quiet on the western front.

8:04pm: Round Two goes to the girl in the red sweatshirt. Another cooler full and multiple bowls. Two rounds of towels washed and dried and ready at their stations in case there is a Round Three in the middle of the night. All water collection traps are empty. But not sure how long we can hold the line!

8:20pm: I swear you and Mother Nature are having an affair!


7:21am: I am a warrior!

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