Waiting for the Mailman

“Is it here yet?”
“Did the mailman come yet?”
“Do you think it’s going to get here today?”
“Did someone check the mail yet?”

Most days, the arrival of the mail is an unremarkable event. A pile of bills. Magazines. Advertisements that go straight into the recycling bin.

But every once in a while, the mailman’s drop-off is the heralded moment of the day. Think of the week your kids’ school sends out the class lists for the coming year. Remember trying to beat your mom to the mail at report card time. Feel the torment of your teenager’s anticipation the week college acceptances get mailed. Christmas card season. Waiting for your grandparents’ cards the week of your birthday. Hoping for a postcard from your first love, who went away for the summer.

This week at our house was a big mail week.

First, the boys earned new Skylander figures, which we ordered online. They seem to think that the day after you order something, it magically arrives in your mailbox. So every day since the order was placed, they have beaten me to the mailbox. I would appreciate this new delivery service provided by my children, except for the incessant questions:
• “Did the mailman come yet?”
• “Do you think it’s going to get here today or tomorrow? I think probably…”
• “Did anyone check the mail?”
• “Why does the mailman take so long?”
• “Where do you think my Skylander is right now?”

And then a day later… “Do you think it will get here today or tomorrow? It’s taking a long time!”

Second, I got a letter yesterday from a friend. I recognized the handwriting, but could not quite place it before opening the envelope. It surprised me and came on a day when I needed a letter from a friend.

That’s when I remembered the excitement of class lists, report cards, acceptance letters, postcards, and the joy of Christmas. And waiting for the Mailman.


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