Garage Sale: Day 1

I don’t really get garage sales.

I’ve been doing one today for more than 4 hours and made only $21.50. And people never buy what I expect them to. The nice stuff stays sitting in the sun. They only take the $1 pieces of junk.

And it feels strange to buy your neighbor’s hand-me-downs, so they drive by and wave. Their kids might come over with a dollar to see if they can buy a cheap toy.

Some garage sale moments:

• The woman who said “no” to paying $3 for a stuffed animal, but bought the $2 one and immediately threw it in the back seat of her car, where her little dog greedily bit into it. As they drove away, I heard her say to the man driving, “See how happy she is now!”
• A woman who pointed out every flaw in a table I was selling for $5, then recommended ways to market it. It thought selling it for $5 was marketing enough!
• The twenty-something guy in gym clothes who bought four pretty sconce covers and a miniature Lego game. Purchases just didn’t match the person.
• The multiple adults who telephoned someone before making a purchase, even though they were spending only $10. Do they do that every time they shop, or only at garage sales?
• A coffeemaker that generated interest from nearly everyone but was never actually purchased at the $5 asking price. I am going to try raising the price.
• The giant Hosta my dog sat on during the garage sale. Its replacement will probably cost as much as I made today.
• The fact that my kids think we are splitting the proceeds from the sale four ways.

The disheartening thing is that I signed up to do this again tomorrow.


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