The Grocery Cart Accident

Yesterday, as my four year old and I were leaving the grocery store, we witnessed a woman forget to move her cart out of the way before backing out of her parking place. I know the kind of day that leads to such a moment. Too much multi-tasking. Just one quick run into the store before picking up the kids at carpool. Then the line is long and you get the coupon clipper in front of you. You realize you forgot the peanut butter, but it’s too late. The kids are waiting. And….


The grocery cart flies across the lot.

You cuss. You cry. You slam on the brakes so hard, your sunglasses fly off your head. You handle the flying grocery cart however it is you typically handle these moments.

And then, a short distance away, a four year old boy giggles uncontrollably…. at you.

He giggles and giggles.

That poor woman made his day.


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