One Green Froot Loop

“May I please have one green Froot Loop?” asks the grandfather.

“Nope,” replies the four year old boy, who quickly spoons a few green ones into his mouth and grins.

“Just one?”

“No!” the boy still smiles.

“But I’m your grandfather!”

The boy senses victory.

“And what about that backrub I gave you?”

Another headshake and smile.

“I’m only asking for one green Froot Loop.”

The four year old picks a blue one out of the bowl and generously holds his hand out.

“But I don’t want a blue one,” replies the grandfather. “I want a green one. Just one green one? Please!”


The grandfather reaches across the decades that separate them and forms a bond over one green Froot Loop. And the four year old thinks he’s won.


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