A Week Without Homework

Shhhhh…. Don’t tell. The third grade teacher has stopped giving homework two weeks before school gets out.

The pressure has lifted. The moaning at the kitchen table has been silenced.

There is an odd quiet in the house, as high-spirited voices call to each other from yard to yard down our dead-end street.

“Come to my house!”

“Bring your baseball glove!”

“I’ll meet you at the corner on my bike!”

“I’ll race you to the basketball hoop!”

Neighborhood friendships are different from school friendships. They are less competitive. Easier. As the warm weather takes over our late afternoons, the children on the block become reacquainted as if they’d been hibernating…. Or sitting at kitchen tables doing homework, memorizing math facts, glaring at moms who say they cannot play until it is all done.

Shhhh…. there is joy in the air here. There is a posse of boys ready for summer, yelling “FREEDOM!” from the depths of their souls.


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