Soon, Forever and Never

My four year old has different ways of saying “soon”:

1) The next day after yesterday
2) Next summer
3) The next day after summer

For example, he asks, “Can we have a playdate the next day after summer?” No problem!

“Is my birthday the next day after yesterday?” Well, if that means October…sure!

And I always get a big, content, four-year-old grin.

My eight and nine year old kids, on the other hand, have similar phrases for the words “forever” and “never”:

1) Next weekend
2) In an hour
3) For ten minutes

If they have to play their song on the piano for ten minutes, for example, that’s forever. “Mom, you are so mean!” If they have to wait until next weekend for their playdate, that is forever and is never going to happen! And…drumroll…. “Mom, you are so mean!”

I think I like soon.


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