I finally tried Quinoa at a restaurant this afternoon. I ordered the Beefsteak and Quinoa Salad, assuming it was a traditional salad with a side of the popular grain. Cooking magazines and nutrition articles rave about it. People claim to love it.

So, I figured, “why not?”

Well, I will tell you why not. Yes, my lunch was quite good. Yes, I am impressed with myself that I ordered a salad. Very healthy of me. Go me!

But on either side of my very attractive Quinoa dish was a big plate of pasta in a delicious looking, creamy sauce and a grilled cheese with great looking French fries.

Quinoa, shinoa, biminoa.

I spent the entire lunch wishing that my healthy lunch would turn magically, without anyone noticing, into my Dad’s pasta or my son’s fries.

Quinoa sounds cool. It looks pretty on your plate. It has texture. You will fit in with the skinny moms’ club.

But order me up a big bowl of pasta or fries any day!


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