Ahead of Their Class

At my kids’ last dental appointment it was confirmed that my eight and nine year old boys are each missing two adult teeth. I was advised to bring them to an orthodontist to come up with a long-term plan. That plan could mean multiple tooth-pullings and braces or tooth implants and braces.

I have not followed through on those appointments. Frankly, having never heard of this “congenital missing tooth” syndrome, I was skeptical. So at my own dental appointment yesterday, I asked my dentist about it. He told me that it is, in fact, fairly common. He added that in 10,000 years, the teeth in question will have disappeared completely, as well as our wisdom teeth. “Your boys are just really advanced,” he grinned.

Great. I am so proud.

But couldn’t they have decided to be 10,000 years ahead of their class in something less expensive, or at least more fun?

They could have aimed merely to be one or two years ahead. Maybe picked up Calculus before their friends. Or read War and Peace –and understood the historical significance – when others were just learning to read. Or won the McDonalds All-American Slam Dunk Contest before high school.

But no! They had to be 10,000 years ahead in tooth count!


One thought on “Ahead of Their Class

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice take! Very funny!

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