Lego Kids’ Fest

I took my boys to Lego Kids’ Fest this weekend. We were there for four hours. And I have to say, that while it was not my favorite four hours ever, it’s ingenious. Huge areas are designated for different activities: building with Lego’s while sitting in an acre of Legos, building Lego cars and racing them down ramps, building Lego structures and seeing your structure help fill in a giant map of the U.S., using Legos in a race to build something to do with Space, building with all green Legos, building with all pink Legos, building only with Legos that appeal to girls, creating art with Legos.

You get the picture?

It’s all really the same thing, just different. And the kids – plus a surprisingly number of adults without kids – don’t seem to realize that they are doing the same thing again and again…for hours! My nine, eight and four year old boys couldn’t have been happier or better entertained.


I thought I would capture a few images from the day, since I forgot my camera.

• A man who joined a table of busy kids and, without asking, dumped the entire bucket of Legos they were working with on the table so he could see them better. He was so excited to be there that he failed to acknowledge the glares from supervising parents or the fact that the Legos spilled all over the kids’ works-in-progress.

• A tall man in a pink fluffy hat with a bulging backpack (was he stashing Legos in there?). I am hoping the hat was so his kids could always find him.

• A mom who rolled her eyes when her kid peed in his pants in the middle of the acre of Legos. It’s hard to remember to go potty when you’re that happy! What’s a boy to do?!

• A larger-than-life Lightning McQueen, Batman, Darth Vader, Harry Potter and SpongeBob all made of Legos.

• A four year old building a gigantic ship and then explaining how it would sink “just like the Titanic”.

• A nine year old lying in a bed of Legos with a tremendous grin on his face. His oversized brown Crocs with Lego pins just blended in.

• A disappointed eight year old, because someone built on top of his tower and didn’t understand the obvious themes he had used in creating it. Earth was supposed to the highest part of the structure. Not a dumb flag.

Those Lego folks sure understand how to keep the little ones entertained! If only there had been a few more chairs for the sighing, tired, eye-rolling, “they should sell beer at this thing” moms like me…


One thought on “Lego Kids’ Fest

  1. As a nearly thirty year old married man with no children; I can’t go to that kinda thing without looking like a freak. But it sounds like it’d be a lot of fun. I find almost nothing relaxes me as well as just building with the huge amounts of Lego from when I was a kid.

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