Boys and Potty Words

The Eight Year Old

I should be more careful when my sons ask for the meaning of certain words, rather than be proud that they are expanding their vocabulary. Yesterday, my eight year old asked me, “What does constipation mean?”

Big word, I thought, forgetting that I was dealing with a boy. So I responded, “It means when your poop gets hard and it doesn’t want to come out. Usually you end up with a tummy ache.”

He raced out of the room and returned with paper and a pen, then started writing furiously. He always writes furiously – still standing and with huge, messy letters.

“What are you writing?”

He failed to hide his grin, “I have to bring a –tion word and what it means to school on Monday.”

“You can’t bring that word in!”

“Yes, I can. It ends with -tion.” And off he ran to put it in his backpack.

The Four Year Old

As we were getting into the car the other day, I said to my four year old, “Come on, Poopie.”

He glared at me. “I am not Poopie. I am diarrhea.”


5 thoughts on “Boys and Potty Words

  1. Jane says:

    Jackie told me about Jackson bringing in the word “constipation,” and how he (Jackie) therefore has decided to take in the word “urination.” I didn’t tell him about defecation!

  2. Jane says:

    Sounds familiar. When the boys had to do the mad libs-like math assignment the other night, Austie said he was going to see the Statue of Toilets, and when he got home after a long road trip, he was going to wash his butt. I made him change the latter.

  3. Ah… funny funny boys. I’m not sure they ever get past the potty fascination.

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