Before I Was Born

My four year old apparently thinks that before you are born, you are floating around somewhere in Outer Space. Yesterday, he asked me, “Who was the last one in our family to come to Earth?”

“You?” He was the last of three boys to be born.

“Then who was the first one to come from Space?” he asked.


“Mom, you were not the first person to come here from Outer Space!” The four year old seemed disappointed in my understanding of human history.

Ad my nine year old was listening from the sidelines. He is a quiet, pensive guy. He thinks deeply about an answer before he offers it up.

“Adam,” he replied confidently.

“Yes!” the four year old cheered.

And then it hit me. While his classmates are texting and Face-timing that “I am not your girlfriend!”, my third grader thinks that babies are floating around Outer Space until they just show up with a family.

It probably makes more sense.


One thought on “Before I Was Born

  1. Anonymous says:

    My 5yr old is obsessed with where you are before you are born and where go after you die. Lately, he has transferred his interest to who gave birth to the planet and how it began. My third grader told him that she wasn’t sure if either god or science started the planet. But she was sure that Adam came down to ‘name everything.’

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