A Note from the Teacher

I received a note today from my son’s preschool teacher. There was a smiley face on top, but I still assumed that my little guy had done something naughty. He had not. She said she just wanted to make sure she remembered the story exactly right for me. You can imagine why we love our preschool teacher! This is what the note said:

While holding the brown baby and feeding it a bottle, he said “When I’m big, I’m going to be a Dad. I’ll have one kid, a boy!” I asked who he was going to play with if you don’t give him brothers. He said, “With me! I’m fun and I won’t have to go to work.” Then he said, “We’ll never eat dinner at the table, just in the basement. And he won’t be allowed to eat anything healthy. Just treats and candy. And he can go to bed whenever he gets tired.”

This is a preschool teacher who gets it. She knows we all appreciate a glimpse into our child’s minds and lives when they are at school.


4 thoughts on “A Note from the Teacher

  1. You are going to have to remind him about that when he’s a father! Great to have the evidence!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Feeding a doll? Otherwise, the kid seems like a budding man’s man.

  3. moses11 says:

    I like your theme (I have the same one), and this was a really nice snapshot of your child’s mind. Plus it’s great to know that teachers still listen and care what kids say

  4. As a parent, nothing could be more reassuring to me than a teacher, in loco parentis, who understands. I have an only child, an eight year old son and he has this awesome rapport with his grade school teacher. My son enrolled in his summer guitar class so they could hang around together.

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