Allergy Season

O Goddess of Spring,

Spring has sprung, which brings me great joy.

I bow down in gratitude for the warm weather, and the fact that the snow has finally melted on the north side of my house.

I honor you, O beautiful Persephone of the ancient Greeks and your Roman soul sister Flora for your gifts of cherry blossoms and tulips and green growth everywhere.

You give us rebirth after the quiet, dark days of winter. You have blessed me with a renewed energy that I thank you for.

You give us reason to celebrate, to join our neighbors on the street again, sharing a glass of wine at dusk as our children race their bikes around the block and swing on the swings, daring each other to ride faster and push them higher.

You empower us to leave jackets and boots inside and slip easily into our flip-flops with the big plastic, festive flowers on top.

You give us reason to smile when we step outside, the sun glancing off our shoulders, providing welcome warmth as if to say, “this is going to be a wonderful day.”

You have given so much, O Goddess of Spring. So it is with great humility that I bow down to you, however unworthy, to ask of you one final gift.

Release me, O powerful goddess, from these allergies!


One thought on “Allergy Season

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love that. Soul sister Flora. Can they also do something about the yellow pollen sitting on my patio, car, clothing…. but yes, LOVE you Persephone.

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