Spring Break

Since we played hookie from school two weeks prior to Spring Break, we did not join the minions who just flooded the beaches of Florida and Mexico, San Diego and Nassau. We stayed home, playing host to my sisters, with a short stint at a friend’s condo in the mountains. It was a great week full of surprisingly achievements.

• We went tubing, and despite clenched teeth on our initial run, the four year old and I conquered our fears and did it again…and again and again. I claim Mother of the Year for that one.

• The older boys snow-mobiled for the first time.

• The nine year old overcame his fear of his bike after a fall last summer. In fact, he was out riding again before school this morning.

• The eight year old finally picked up speed on his scooter, and actually glides now.

• They each read for more than 500 minutes, well on their way to the 2012 minutes they need before the end of the school year.

• The nine year old started his next report ahead of time.

• The four year old was the first in the family to do a flip on the bungee-jumping trampoline and is poised to ride a two-wheeler.

• We took advantage of the beautiful weather and, pretending it was summer, met all the neighbors outside for Happy Hour.

And then, we woke up the next morning to school and two days of snow.


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