Travel Journal Excerpts from the Boys

The Nine Year Old

We went to the beach and I was king of the sea…We went to the beach and I got creamed by waves because they were huge. And I killed my mom in a sand fight.

The Eight Year Old

At the beach there was pink sand that felt soft. We ran in the water with our clothes on because we were so excited. The house we have looks like a cabin in the woods because of the trees. Inside the house it is very nice. Outside a rooster makes its sounds. Sometimes we see Geckos in and outside.

The Four Year Old

In the clouds, a force field blowed on houses and blowed on top of the houses and hit where the furniture was and broke the furniture. But it did not blow down the house. In the days before I was born, fierce winds started to blow and in the next morning X Boxers and Poptropicas battled the Siths. Not the Jedi ones. Only the ones with guns.

Apparently, the four year old doesn’t do “assignments”. He could be trouble when he goes he goes to school.


One thought on “Travel Journal Excerpts from the Boys

  1. Jane says:

    Did the boys write willingly? Any parenting advice in this regard? Very nice journal entries!

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