Harbour Island, Bahamas: Day 2

Pink Sand

Harbour Island has the best sand in which I’ve ever had the luxury of wiggling my toes. It is very pale pink, like the inside of a conch shell crushed into millions of pieces, and its color contrasts with the clear blue turquoise waters of the Caribbean. It feels like you’ve stepped into a bed of silk sheets — sand so soft, no grain distinguishable from another.

As you wade into the wild March surf,, your feet continue to be spoiled by a beach with no shells or rocks. Very few seagulls race the waves. And your spot in the sand is truly yours. Quiet except for the wind and waves. A few people walking down the sand, contemplating life or breathing in the fresh sea air.

Tonight we celebrated a late afternoon Happy Hour at the Blue Bar at the Pink Sands Resort. A Goombay Smash, a glass of wine, lemonades for the kids and a view of the beach, where the sand seems even more pink and the sea even bluer. The Resort is as high-class as they come, the restaurant and open-air lobby absolutely gorgeous. The staff always welcoming. But since we come to the island only for this very special beach, it doesn’t matter where you sleep or eat — only that you have the chance to wiggle your toes in soft, pink sand.


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