Harbour Island, Bahamas: Day 1

It seems odd that the first fruity rum drink many people have on a visit to islands like the Bahamas is handed to them in the airport. Now, Nassau Airport is a work in progress. It is small and dark, but a large glass wing is in the process of being built. Currently, to transfer from your U.S. flight to a “domestic” leg to one of the smaller Bahamas islands, you walk through a makeshift hallway through or around the hard hat zone. As you come through customs, you might be handed a rum drink in a plastic cup. When you get to the “domestic” waiting area, you can order a Kalik at a 4-person, indoor bar with no windows. Bad rum in the pit of an airport may calm your nerves while you wait impatiently for your bags, but why waste your first taste of island life on an airport drink in a dixie cup?!

You’ve been counting the days for months, if not years. You’ve been sitting at your cubicle at work anticipating drinking a Yellowbird or Pina Colada or Bahama Mama while watching the sun set on the beach. And you settle for cheap rum at the airport! You have, at most, an hour to go. Wait. Be patient. Enjoy the last bit of anticipation before your beach vacation really begins.

And then, when your toes are wiggling in the sand, the sea breeze is blowing gently at your back, and the sun approaches the horizon, igniting an explosion of pinks and purples in the sky….then, and only then, order your drink.

It will be well worth the wait.

Signing off from my beach vacation on Harbour Island….Yellowbird. Yellowbird.


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