Can I Have…?

I really, really want a batting cage in the backyard. It only has red bats and red balls. And it can turn into a castle. I really want one. But before it turns into a castle, only one person can be inside. It’s a one-person castle. There is a window for one gun, and you get the bad guys with your gun sticking out the window. When you get all the bad guys, the castle turns back into a batting cage. With only red bats and red balls. I really, really want one. Okay?


2 thoughts on “Can I Have…?

  1. Anonymous says:

    If this doesn’t test Santa’s creativity, nothing will.
    Why not just get the kid a big cardboard box?

  2. elizabeth says:

    You know how they say the third child never has any photos of them because parents are burnt out on photos? This blog is perfect for your youngest…he is the star! A nice colelciton of memories for him.
    My favorite of daughter’s sharing from just yesterday, which might not be fully appropriate to share but here ya go…made me laugh: (with a VERY Serious face and her hand on her bottom) Mommy, you know when you have to toot and it is bad manners so you try really, really hard to hold your ca ca in your bum bum? You really need to run really fast to the potty, right? Ah, yes, that is true. how about you go potty please…NOW! 🙂

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