Entrepreneur 101: More than Your Mama’s Mood Ring

A very wise man always tells me that if you think of ways to solve the simple problems you face every day, you can strike it rich. Think Velcro on shoes.

I thought of something today.

The Spouse Mood Texter. Modeled after the 70s mood ring, it would alert a man or woman of his or her spouse’s mood via text throughout the day. The perfect gift for any bride or groom.

Give your spouse the updated mood ring, and the temperature of his or her skin will set off a signal that will then be texted to you. Heading home in the evening, you could check your phone to assess how best to enter the house and approach the coming evening.

If you get a text from the Spouse Mood Texter that reads RED HOT, you know that your spouse’s temperature is elevated. He or she is in a bad mood. Stress level is high. Pick up flowers or a bottle of wine. Now you know not to mention to-do lists or finances. A RED HOT signals that a good compliment is critical to your evening, creating an opportunity to use your spouse’s higher temperature to your advantage.

If you get a GO GREEN text, that means your spouse is probably in a chatty, happy mood. Talk politics, religion, to-do list, anything. You know before you even arrive home that your evening should go smoothly. So if you’ve had a tough day, know your spouse will remind you why you are married. Peace. Love. And all that.

If, however, you receive the CODE BLUE text, that means your spouse is calm and quiet. A CODE BLUE means that you want to assess before proceeding through the entryway. Maybe a call on your way home might suffice to ascertain the mood at home. Calm and quiet could signal a great day, and your spouse is relaxing on the couch with a good book. It could also mean pure exhaustion. Your spouse’s temperature is low because he or she has not moved in hours.

With this knowledge, we would not stumble unknowingly into snakepits of bad humor inspired by money stress, bad bosses, bad hair, poor reviews, bad digestion, whining children, and more.

Imagine life with the Spouse Mood Texter! So much more than your Mama’s mood ring!


2 thoughts on “Entrepreneur 101: More than Your Mama’s Mood Ring

  1. this is such a great idea… i wish someone would invent it! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great idea. Really great. But too late for me. I needed it 50 years ago. RJD

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