Love Is…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My new favorite thing to do on Valentine’s Day is to ask the kids what love means to them. My eight year old said he couldn’t tell me what love means, but he could expound upon what love is.

That’s when a forgotten, but favorite, Charlie Brown book came to mind, Love is Walking Hand in Hand by Charles Schulz. This book expresses the meaning of love in small moments or actions, as a child does. So, like good ol’ Charlie, I am collecting the child’s view of what love is…

“Love is my mom snuggling with me and my dog kissing my face.”

“When Daddy tickles, that’s how he says I love you.”

“Love is when you have a place for someone in your heart.”

“Love is when you wear a t-shirt that says Free Hugs and walk around your neighborhood.”


One thought on “Love Is…

  1. can i just say…. awww….. (heartstring tugs!) 😀

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