Baking with Boys

My boys love to bake. They take turns adding the ingredients. They all take part in the mixing. And they wait anxiously for the moment when I hand out teaspoons so they can taste the batter. Chocolate mustaches and chins and shirts are usually the evidence.

I have discovered, however, that what they like best about baking are the volcanoes they form with the batter.

As soon as the floury substance is in the bowl, they fight for the opportunity to stick their fingers into the powder to shape the volcano peak and opening. Next, the boy who pours the cup of water or vegetable oil always pours it slowly into the volcano, and all three boys yell happily as the volcano melts or explodes before them.

Volcano creation in our house is not a one-time event. It has been going on for more than a year of cupcakes and birthday cakes and brownies.

Apparently, in the boys’ mind, even Valentine’s cupcakes, which we will cover in pink and purple sprinkles, can be explosive.

I just don’t recall the volcanoes when baking in a house full of girls.


3 thoughts on “Baking with Boys

  1. katep says:

    Yes, I can’t say they are brilliant, lots of doubling of stitches and dropping them all over the shop. But they just seem to love the process and mastering something new. I have no time for teaching. Just knit, knit knit.

  2. cakes1986 says:

    This is such a nice post. I hate the idea that things have to just be for boys or girls. I’m a teacher and all the boys in my class are currently obsessed with learning to knit. Its hilarious, and wonderful!

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