Recapturing Your Mojo

In case you haven’t heard, “recapturing your mojo” is the cool new thing if you are a woman over forty, just sent your youngest to kindergarten, finished with a bad relationship, or just need a general boost in confidence.

The psychologists are saying it. The life coaches are saying it. Your friends are on a mission to do it. That new girl at the gym is treadmill-ing her way to it.

So, what does it mean?

According to Wikipedia, mojo is a “magical charm bag used in voodoo” or an “amulet consisting of a flannel bag containing one or more magical items” for use in the African-American folk belief called hoodoo. The word apparently comes from the West African word “mojuba”, which means a prayer of praise. So mojo is a “prayer in a bag or a spell.” It has evolved into slang for self-confidence or sex appeal.

There is also Mojo, the Marvel Comics supervillain, the board game, the video game, the British music magazine, the nickname for an NFL running back, and the main villain in the Powerpuff Girls, among others. (Thank you, Wikipedia).

Since most of us are not “recapturing our mojo” to perform voodoo spells, run a touchdown for the Jaguars, or prance around as an animated bad girl (although that might be fun), let’s focus on getting back our self-confidence and sex appeal.

Recapturing our mojo means that in turning forty or having kids or finally getting rid of that lame boyfriend, we lost a bit of ourselves. But not one of those things are bad things. We should feel empowered by such accomplishments, not lost.

We should not feel the need to “recapture” anything. It is still there, if not improved, enhanced, matured, greater than it ever was. Our abs may have been better when we were in our twenties and our skin may have had a brighter glow, but think of all that we’ve accomplished since then. Think of all we have learned about the world, people, relationships and ourselves. And remember that we use those lessons every day to make better decisions for the next.

You don’t need to “recapture” anything. Just remember it is there, getting stronger every day. That’s what got you to forty, makes you a good mom, earned you that raise at work, empowers you to multitask like a superhero, and gave you the courage to either stay or say goodbye when you needed to.

So, next time you hear someone say she needs to “recapture her mojo,” tell her “you’ve already got it, sister!”

Unless, of course, she’s really a Powerpuff Girl.


2 thoughts on “Recapturing Your Mojo

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hear you– about the importance of meditating on all we’ve achieved in the last twenty years. But I would also be lying if I didn’t acknowledge that I’ve often felt like I accidentally dropped my Mojo in an aisle at Target and I’ve spent long hrs searching dust bunny corners for it. It was hard to transition from vital to invisible. I hated being called Ma’am by the pimply check-out boy at the market. It was shocking. It didn’t matter that I could be his mother. I wanted to be seen as a women. It’s not that I liked the cat-calling as I walked down the street. But I definitely noticed the absence of it. It’s a weird void that is hard to publicly mourn while you are holding two healthy kids. It makes you seem shallow. But honestly, for me, it did feel like a loss. It was like walking through an invisible door. I would still have walked through. But I wish I knew it was coming. I might have taken some time first to pad the walls of the corridor….:)

  2. mooselicker says:

    How Stella Got Her Groove back would go perfectly with this. That is, if that film is what I think it’s about. It’s not in my target demographic in any form.

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