Bananas and Bowling

My sister got in a minor car crash this morning after dropping our two kids off at preschool. I think I’ve got the story straight.

She was stopped at a red light, waiting to make a left turn.

A car, still at full speed despite the red signal, rammed into the back of her completely stopped, silver auto.

The elderly (possibly eighty?) woman who hit my sister was flustered, then seemed to lose it completely.

“I am sorry. I was peeling my banana. I didn’t see you.”


“I didn’t even want to go bowling today. Now I’m never going to bowl over 100.”

Excuse me, lady?

“I knew I shouldn’t have bowled today.”

My sister’s response, “You shouldn’t even be driving.”


2 thoughts on “Bananas and Bowling

  1. Emd says:

    You got it right. Amazing when you are the “victim” of an accident but the perpetrator, if we can call 80 yr old Shirlene that, went so crazy in her shock and fear, I ended up comforting her and trying to get her to focus on the fact she should probably surrender that driver’s liscence. Poor Shirlene. But please, let’s get off the road before something like a banana distracts you from the next unsuspecting person.

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