Four-Year-Old Sets Fire

We had our first house fire today.

A superball, bounced on the bathroom floor, landed in a sconce that had been on all night.

Calls from the four year old that his brother’s ball was stuck on the ceiling were ignored the first two times. Then, because his brother wasn’t heading up to investigate and he kept calling, I went upstairs myself.

It smelled odd. Like burning rubber. I stopped at the top of the stairs and looked around. Nothing. So I followed my persistent four-year-old to the bathroom.

He pointed to the sconce, “Can you get the ball out? It’s stuck.”

…and ON FIRE!

Step 1: Turn off light.
Step 2: Use something other than a towel to protect your hand when pulling
the ball out. That caught on fire too.
Step 3: Open window so smoke alarm doesn’t notice.
Step 4: “Honey, no bouncing balls in the house.”

Keep the drama to a minimum. It’s only Monday.


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