Cirque du Soleil Honors Michael Jackson

I remember our amazement when the Thriller video first aired, and how, watching the Dirty Diana video, I wished Michael were cuter. He had already begun his strange transformation to the recluse adult we later came to know….or not know.

He was likely a musical genius with a twisted childhood, a skewed view of his place in the world, a strong sense that we need to do better as a human race to care for one another, and much sadness in his soul.

That’s my guess anyway. And Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson show, which I saw in Denver last night, captures just that.

The music, cranked up for a concert experience, is powerful. You can’t help but move in your seat. The signature dance moves incorporated into Cirque du Soleil choreography are unforgettably Michael. The mixing of the Jackson Five with Michaels’s solo career provides a glimpse of musical history. A great show. Emotions run high, as you hoped they would when you purchased your tickets.

However, Cirque du Soleil made a mistake by bringing the show to the big stage, rather than their blue and gold circus tent. The show is a completely different experience for those paying close to $100 to sit in the not-so-good 300 level seats than it is for the people sitting on the floor (at what price, I don’t know). While the 300-crowd gets the Michael experience, the Cirque stamp is too far away to be absorbed. And that is the beauty of the show.

The show, only here for two nights, was not sold out. Not as much advertising in the Denver area as I would expect, and the tickets are obviously pricey. The Pepsi Center is a huge venue. But based on the music, the spectacular choreography and uniquely beautiful Cirque du Soleil spin, every seat should have been filled.

It is a wonderful show, worthy of both Michael’s remarkable talent and Cirque du Soleil’s grace.

A surge in Michael Jackson ipod downloads will certainly follow Cirque du Soleil’s path across the country.


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