Parenting Question

Your son comes downstairs grinning proudly because he has dressed himself for school on his own. He is four, and you want to encourage his independence. It is winter, but not ridiculously cold.

He is wearing a red short-sleeved Nationals baseball t-shirt with a pair of orange and blue striped shorts. It’s not pretty.

Do you let him go to school like that?

What if his forearms sport fading tattoos from the New Years’ Eve party?


2 thoughts on “Parenting Question

  1. Mary Ann says:

    I used to stress out about things like that, but then I realized that it’s good to let kids be independent.

  2. If her were 14, no (for his own good), but at four, nobody’s going to notice. In fact he’ll probably be the stylinest dude on the playground. Just shove a sweatshirt in his back pack and tell him to rock on. You are a better than average mother to wonder.

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