My Son’s Puffle

What would NFL quarterback Matt Ryan think if he knew there was a Puffle named after him? A red puffle, in fact, in keeping with Falcons’ team spirit.

A Puffle is a fluffy ball with big eyes that a fictional penguin can purchase and feed and walk as its pet. This fictional penguin is part of an online social game site for young kids called Club Penguin.

My guess is that when Matt Ryan was seven, like my son, and he dreamed of being a NFL quarterback one day, like my son, that dream did not include having a Puffle named after him.

Maybe a bobblehead, but not a Puffle.

I like how the cool and the uncool become one through the eyes of a child.

Matt Ryan, I apologize, but in my house, you are a much-loved and respected red Puffle.


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