Anonymity in WordPress Land

Obviously, I want someone to listen to me ranting about life and children and politics and whatever bee gets in my bonnet. That’s why I blog, right?

And if I am honest with myself, I want lots of people to read what I write, agree with me, and sit back from their computers thinking, “She gets it. I want to share my morning coffee with her.”

It would be nice to think that somewhere out in the Blogosphere or WordPressLand, there are people gathering around the virtual coffee pot chatting and laughing and arguing over what I write. I like to hear their virtual conversation through “Like” button pushes and comments and “follow” her.

But I am not certain I am ready to share pictures. I worry that posting my kids’ photos and names on the Internet is not safe. I am concerned that potential employers (I am a freelance writer and editor) will read my blog and, knowing who I am, decide not to hire me because I wear orange toenail polish (I don’t) or I disagree with their politics (I might) or I want to “go postal” in the deli line at King Soopers (almost every time I go).

Yet readers want pictures. They want to get beyond the stories their favorite bloggers tell and get to know them as distant friends. They want to know the names that go with the stories, and see their smiles or the disasters they created in the kitchen or what their hair looked like the day they tried to curl it with hot rollers.

So I am struggling a bit on how to proceed.

Time to think outside the box.


3 thoughts on “Anonymity in WordPress Land

  1. michelle says:

    You could link to sites you enjoy. Places where you might like-minded people. Also, you might consider adding photos because it does add that visual connection that helps build a relationship. I often go to this food blog for recipes. She travels and takes/posts pictures and updates as well as recipes. Sometimes her pictures are of herself and companions but mostly there are from her eyeview looking out into the world. They can be interesting and still make the connection & yet I don’t feel like I’m looking through her family photo album which is good…..

  2. Emd says:

    No pictures necessary.

  3. Harnew says:

    Why don’t you visit other blogs and like, comment, subscribe instead of wishing for those people to just stumble upon your blog?

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