The Dreaded Mid-Life Crisis: Is This It?

No one tell us at what age it will hit, or even if it’s a guarantee. No one tells us exactly how it will manifest itself. Yet we are warned that it exists.

BEWARE the mid-life crisis.

And, lo and behold, my husband might be in it.

But who’s to know?

What I do know is that in the last year, he:
• Bought a fancy road bike and did a 100-mile race
• Commandeered and renovated his mother’s old Honda motorcycle
• Started an MBA program, even though he is full-time practicing physician
• Talks constantly about getting a Porsche sports car for our family of five
• Is suddenly less opposed to getting a dog

So, is this it? Or are these just the signs that it is brewing, and I have much to fear in the coming months? Or, just as possible, is this just who he is….always seeking new knowledge and adventure so that a crisis never hits?

Maybe he doesn’t even know it’s time.

And what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Right?

Anyway, where there is a void of information or procedure, I like to make my own rules. So I took things into my own hands.

I sat him down. I said, “My dear, this bike-motorcycle-MBA-Porsche thing is it. You can have your mid-life crisis, but it stops here. When the MBA program is over, you can decide about the car.” It’s his money, after all. “But then, no more. You are done.”

This mid-life crisis thing is my gift to him. I will be kind as he goes through it. I will try to put off mine until he is done.

But he does not get to add anything else to the list.


“Deal,” he said grinning and probably thinking, “My wife is crazy….Or is this her mid-life crisis?”

Really, who’s to know?

2 thoughts on “The Dreaded Mid-Life Crisis: Is This It?

  1. I’m in my early thirties and I prefer to be in a constant state of crisis. When people on the street ask me how I’m doing, I yell out, “CRISIS!” and smile. …thinking about getting a cape. That might help some. Capes are cool. Ask your husband to consider a cape. It’s cheaper than a porsche.

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