The Red Rage of a 4 Year Old

My four year old drew an all-red picture today at nursery school. Not surprising. His favorite color is red, and has been so since he could choose one. What surprised me was how it was labeled in his own words… “This is me when I’m mad.”

What inspired that?!


4 thoughts on “The Red Rage of a 4 Year Old

  1. randomsensibility says:

    Hi! (Love your posts, by the way.) I saw you live in Colorado, and I was wondering what’s fun in the Northern part of the state? My sister will be going to CSU in 2013, so any cool stuff I can beg her to take me to would be appreciated. 😉

  2. Wow! At least he didn’t write “Red Rum” all over it…

  3. My 4 year old favourite colour is red as well, he has to wear it, eat it and will only use red to make art. But for your son to use it as a way of describing a mood is interesting and rather insightful for a 4 year old. Definitely got me thinking…

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