Mom Rocks to the Black Eyed Peas

This week, I helped my third grader create a Black Eyed Peas music video for his “Job” report on being a musician. I am not stellar with Powerpoint, but we eventually figured out how to make a song run as the slides (photos of the band and their album covers) played by themselves.

Day 1: We learned that is legally blind. And my third grader cried that he would never get it done in time.

Day 2: We learned that they are one of only 11 musicians who have held the number one and two spots on the Billboard Top 100 at the same time. And I yelled at him for not trying.

Day 3: We learned that Fergie is part-owner of the Miami Dolphins. And we battled and wrote for hours while his brothers trashed the house.

Day 4: We learned that and started performing together in eighth grade. And he told his teacher that he might not get it done on time.

Day 5: He got in the car after school, gave me a high five, and said “Everybody liked mine the best! It was a hit!”

Life couldn’t be better at my house tonight. And for some reason, we can’t wait for the next report.


One thought on “Mom Rocks to the Black Eyed Peas

  1. Stefanie Holub says:

    Rock on , MOM! Way to go, Max! xoxo

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